Before you use picmart's product you need to read carefully this license page

For users: (You can't)

All royalty free stock elements from are free for both personal and for your client ! Means you can download any kind of royalty free stock elements from and use to your own product, Or you can use it for your client !

But after download those royalty free stock elements you can't re-upload to your website. Not only that, You can't sell those royalty free stock elements after downlad! And also, This license are the last license, Means you can't remake a license of those product!

Keep in mind, You can't sell, re-upload, lease, license or sublicense products after modifying those product. And the last thing is, You can't share those with your friends (to use for their clients). If they needed those file, Then share our site links.

For users: (You can)

  • Use the products in any number of personal or commercial projects no limits here.
  • You can attribute to our site, But It's not required.
  • You can modify our site's product as you want for your client or personal use.
  • You can combine or ad into other project to make a complete project.
  • You can share picmart official link to your developer or creative friend.
  • You can promote our site link to your social media or something else.
  • You can download unlimited file without any license or without paying us.

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